Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waffle Photos

Okay, so I keep making this awful mistake where I don't remember to write down ANYTHING about the recipes I make. Oh, but I do manage to photograph them. So I know what they look like, and the general ingredients, but the measurements...ha. Who needs measurements anyway, right?

So instead, today only (one time special offer), you get some pictures, with a promise for recipes soon because...I'm baking today... :)

Oh, and a side note I've been meaning to mention something regarding my pictures...sorry they're often so awful! In my tiny dingy apartment (in the winter, when it's been ungodly cloudy for weeks on end), I have awful lighting. And when I'm making recipes it's usually night. Hence, awful pictures. But the recipes taste very good, despite the quality of the pictures, I swear!

Today I'm sharing pictures of whole wheat waffles. I'm very into whole wheat, and I really like the taste of it, so I use it often in recipes. It's good for you too!

And just so you know, there is no way in heck that I would ever use this much confectioner's sugar on ANYTHING I make. But my darling boyfriend loves it, and hilariously when he took his first bite, he starting coughing violently. And that's what happens when you have too much of a good thing. ;)

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