Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amano Chocolate

I am so late on this post. Honestly, in all the packing & unpacking I had completely forgotten about this amazing chocolate. I actually did such an amazing job forgetting about it that I went to Trader Joe's on an emergency dark chocolate run & had consumed 1/2 the bar before it occurred to me that I already had plenty of chocolate...(wait, can you ever really have too much chocolate?)

I put off eating the chocolate at first because I wanted to make something delicious with it. The first bar I opened was Cuyagua (70% cacao minimum. I made sure to reserve a few squares of the bar for taste testing of course. The rest of the bar was made into brownies (with coconut & hazelnuts if I remember correctly) & those were well-received. I also allowed the bf & mother-in-law-ish to taste some of the real chocolate, & they couldn't stop saying how good it was.

The second bar (Madagascar) I used to make a delicious frosting for my orange-chocolate chunk cake...basically it was just the bar of chocolate melted & some oj mixed with cocoa powder...oh & a little bit of confectioner's sugar. Don't even get me started on the exact measurements, that frosting was a catastrophe of ingredients thrown together. In the end though, the flavor of the frosting was amazing, probably mostly due to the delicious Amano chocolate.

And the third bar? Yes, that's still waiting, quietly, to be eaten in a moment of indulgence. :) It's called Ocumare & it's supposed to have fruity & floral notes! Yum!


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, the chocolate bars sound fantastic!

eatme_delicious said...

I don't think I've ever seen Amano chocolate. I'm always so reluctant to use really delicious more expensive chocolate bars in baking but of course it makes the baked goods even better!