Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heidi's Brown Bread

Just a quick post (for Alex!) to mention that I made this:

Heidi's "Irish Mum's Brown Bread"

also for St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures but her picture is probably much nicer anyway! :) It is SUPER easy & really hearty bread, so you should definitely try it sometime you are in the mood for a nice substantial bread.

I think I probably used 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt & 1 1/4 cups skim milk because I doubt I had buttermilk on hand, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly! With so few ingredients, there's not really much room for playing with the recipe.



Alex said...

I... ate... a bread with yogurt in it?? (shudder) I'm more of a vegetarian than I ever suspected...

And I'll definitely try to make it - it was sooo yummy. After my stories about it, S. decided we're not buying any more supermarket bread, and so now he's on a hunt for European-style bread around town, trying a different one every week. What with the gas and the actual cost of the bread, I'm kind of sorry to have mentioned it, specially since none matches up with your breadness!

Oh, important question, where did you get the yeast from, and was it dry?

Sarah said...

Yeast? What yeast? I don't mess with that stuff!

This recipe had just baking soda in it, which was nice. When I do use yeast, I always use dry yeast. I think I'd like to expand my horizons, but I'm not quite there yet.

Oh, and tell the roomie that I was still thinking about his dinner when I got home last night. It was good...a lot better than I expected from the white blob on the table!

Tim, on the other hand, made me spaghetti. Yum...?